Laura Cowan

Award Winning Advocate . Speaker . Educator

Laura C. Cowan, a Mother of 3 - is an award-winning speaker, educator, and activist. Her tale of survival and heroism is one that will be forever etched in California's history. Escaping from an abusive polygamist husband, Laura and her 3 children endured unimaginable abuse. Locked away and held captive in a cold dark garage with no heat, food, and water or plumbing. Laura was repeatedly raped, beaten and starved, alongside her children. Stripped of everything but the will to survive, not only for herself but for her children; Laura would then decide to do the unthinkable. Fearing that she would never make it out of that garage alive, she began to meticulously keep detailed accounts (via pieces of scrap paper she found throughout the garage) of the horrific daily abuse that she and her children endured.


However, it would not be until an unplanned outside visit to the post office with her capture, that her life would forever be changed. On that faithful day, Laura was able to pass a note pleading for help to a post office clerk, who was then able to alert the proper authorities. Two days later, detectives would emerge onto her capture’s doorstep, where she and her children where finally rescued.

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