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Since 2009, The Purple Project has devoted its energy to passionately advocating, and providing services for those foster youth who are on the path to transitioning out (aging out) of foster care, and for those who have already transitioned.

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Positive Choices with Positive Outcomes

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Our Programs

Our Mission

Our "One Voice," program is dedicated to providing  "aged out" youth and adults with a variety of supportive services to help them with maintaining successful stability.

To provide a viable support system and a resource network, that is devoted to enhancing and positively changing the quality of life, and the negative outcomes of youth and adults who have (or will) "age out" of foster care.

The Purple Project's 5th Annual

"I Believe In ME"

Foster Care Youth Conference June 26-27

at Cleveland State University

As the population of youth who age out of the foster care system grows. There is an increasing needed for education, and resources aimed at helping to establish, and prepare our youth for a successful entry into society. The Purple Project's 5th Annual "I Believe In ME," will offer interactive workshops, panel discussions, and exhibts dedicated to addressing the needs of youth who are on the path to aging out of foster care, or currently enrolled in Independent Living Programs.  

  • The Purple Project's 5th Annual Foster Care Youth Conference

Meet Our Team

LaTasha C. Watts

Founder &

Executive Director (picture coming soon)

  • Conference Dates: June 26-27, 2014
  • Cleveland State University
  • Youth Workshops
  • Exhibitors

Conference at a Glance

Nichole Phillips

Youth Consultant (picture coming soon)

Jasmine Watts

Administrative Assistant (picture coming soon)

  • Special Guest Speakers
  • Movie Night "Gimme Shelter"
  • Legal Law Youth Clinics
  • Foster Youth Speak Out Forum